Clog and step dancer, she provided information on her father, Alfred Threlfall “Alf” Robinson.  She lived in Rawtenstall. Born c. 1902.

Alf was the brother of Joseph Robinson (Young Jos) and Stainton Robinson and thus the son of Joseph William Robinson (Old Jos).  He taught dancing until 1930 in places such as Dolphinholme, Hutton Roof, Carnforth, Ingleton, Beetham, Clapham, Settle, Giggleswick and Milnthorpe.

Mrs Riley could remember her father teaching the following dances:

Barn Dance
Garland Dance
Heel and Toe polka,
Hoop Dance
Horse to Newmarket
Maypole Dance
Nigger Dance
Plaidie Dance
Sailor’s Hornpipe
Scottish Reels
Skipping Rope Dance
Skirt Dance
Sword Dance
Tambourine Dance

He also taught clog and step dancing.

Mrs Riley was able to provide a partial notation for the Sword Dance

She remembered the following steps: shuffle of, treble shuffle, rolling step, knock toe and heel, crunch.

Information derived from an interview by Tom Flett with Mrs C. Riley (undated).

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