Dancers from Sewing Shiels, Northumberland. Mr Tully born c. 1884 and Mrs Tully born c. 1890.

Mr Tully came from Alnham and Mrs. Tully from High Bleakhope.

Mrs Tully’s mother (born c. 1863) had attended dancing classes in Alwinton held by Louis Proudlock. He was known as a good step dancer and could do the Sailor’s Hornpipe.

Mr Tully had attended classes held in Netherton by a Mr Ramage.  The following were from his repertoire:

He was also able to teach the rant step and a further step for the Morpeth Rant and Corn Rigs which originated from Louis Proudlock.  Mrs Tully provided full or partial notations for Hullachan Jig, Sarabande Waltz, Roxburgh Castle, Highland Laddie and the Morpeth Rant.

Mrs Tully had come across a dance from Cumberland, the Cross Eight, and was able to provide  a notation.

Information derived from interviews by Tom Flett with and Mrs William Tully on 30 March 1962 and on 31 March 1962 and a  further undated note.