Reel, Three Hand

Dance for three, recorded from oral tradition in many parts of England, Scotland and Wales. In the southern Lake District and Yorkshire it featured in the repertoires of a number of dancing masters and was danced in shoes or clogs.

Hilton, Miss (Keswick)

331-333 Cecil Sharp MSS dance description entries 1962 People: Mrs Scott Mrs Scotts 1914 Dances: Square Eight-Reel Long-eight-reel Six-reel Four-reel Three-reel Miss Frearson Miss Frearson’s Dances: Clog Dances Tambourine Dances Skirt Dances Hoop Dances Highland Fling Garland Dances Circassian Circle,

Airey, Mrs George

Dancers from Cartmel, Lancashire, previously living in High Newton. Born c. 1887. Mrs Airey initially learned to dance from a Mr. Ellwood in about 1894.  She later learned from Joseph Robinson (Old Jos) and for one term from Stainton Robinson.

Wood, Mr & Mrs Fred

Dancers from Slaidburn, Lancashire.  Mr Wood born c. 1883, Mrs Wood born c. 1890. Thye recalled the following dances from the district: Brass Nuts Caledonians Galop Greensleeves Heel and Toe Polka Highland Fling Kendal Ghyll La Va Lancers Polka Polka

Smith, Mrs & Mrs Walter

Dancers from Tatham Fells.  Mr Smith born c. 1890, Mrs Smith born c. 1889. They both came to Tatham Fells in about 1920 when they married.  They recalled the following as being done in their younger days: Bracelets Circassian Circle

Thwaite, Mr & Mrs

Dancers from Hawes, Wensleydale, Yorkshire.  Mr Thwaite born c. 1880 and Mrs Thwaite c.1877. They both attended dancing classed held in hawes by Robert Staveley.  As he was not a musucian another local man Octavius Metcalf played the fiddle for

Turnbull, George

Dancer and musician (pianist) from Oughtershaw, Langstrothdale.  Born c. 1881. Born out of the dale but moved there at an early age. He learned to dance informally from a local farmer, Bill Lambert. He recalled the following dances as done in

Urquart, Billy

Dancing master, originally from Scotland but teaching in Ribblehead in about 1895-1900. He made no charge for his classes, which he accompanied on the fiddle.  he worked full time as a mason on the Ribble Head Viaduct and the classes

Middleton, Dick

Dancers from Dentdale, Yorkshire. Mr Middleton born c.1883 and Mrs Middleton in c. 1889. They were tauught by “Pop” John Mason at the George and Dragon Hotel in Dent. They were able to provide at least partial notations for: Buttered Peas

Milburn, Bruce

Clog dancer from Grange, Lancashire.  Born c. 1900. Brought up in Underbarrow, he was a pupil of Tommy Cannon and went to his classes in Underbarrow. He was able to provide notations for: Three Reel and was able to teach