Clog dancer, as a boy living in Cumberland and Lancashire.

Alex Boydell has a unique style of clog dancing, reflecting his acquisition of his repertoire from a number of sources over a period of several years.

Whilst staying at High Arnside, Cumberland during WW2  he learned his first clog steps from Tommy Atkinson, a local shepherd.  He later moved to Prescott, near Liverpool, and met a Mr Scarisbrick, an ex-sailor turned watchmaker.  He taught Alex a number of step units.

After leaving school, Alex went up to what was then King’s College, Durham, now Newcastle University.  Whilst there he joined the University rapper team and met with Johnson Ellwood who also provided him with some material.  He also learned pieces from Fred Forster and by watching another rapper dancer, George Osborn of Earsdon.

This complex background has resulted in Alex developing a unique style, blending units from many sources into a freestyle dance.  He particularly enjoys dancing in 9/8 slip jig rhythm.

Information from an interview with Alex Boydell on 26th May 1981.