Allen, Richard

Dancing master (perhaps part-time) in Edenhall, near Penrith, England.Died c 1948.

Discovered by Clara Boyle who was the English Folk dance Society (now the EFDSS) teacher for the Lake District Branch and the Cumberland Branch before WW2 who had learned from him a number of social dances:

Circassian Circle
Cumberland Square Eight
Long Eight
Speed the Plough (As God Speed the Plough)

Clara Boyle was available to provide a skeleton notation for Circassian Circle.

Information derived from and interview by Tom Flett with  Clara Boyle on 3 January 1960 (interviewed with Lucy Short) and with Mr & Mrs Fisher on  8/1/1960.


Fisher, Mr & Mrs, Edenhall, Cumberland, England, 8 January 1960