Clog and social dancer from Askam-in-Furness, North Lancashire. Born 1893.

He was a pupil of Joseph William Robinson (Old Jos) from 1902-4.

He provided full or partial notations for the following:

Heel and Toe Country Dance
Horse to Newmarket

He was also able to demonstrate the following steps: shuffle off, single shuffle, double shuffle, treble shuffle, stepover crunch, single crunch, toe and heel, cabriol step, hagworm crawl.

He provided information about a ball in which he danced in 1905.

The dances were:

  1. Napoleon’s Grand March
  2. Veleta Waltz
  3. Polka
  4. Barn Dance
  5. Schottische
  6. Cottagers
  7. Highland Fling
  8. Tambourine dance
  9. Hoop Dance
  10. Butterfly Dance
  11. Garland dance
  12. Sailors’ Hornpipe
  13. Nigger Dance
  14. Jockey Dance
  15. Heel and Toe Country Dance

Information derived from and interview by Tom Flett with Tom Barnes,undated and correspondence from Tom Barnes to Tom Flett dated 12 August 1962 and 18/9/1962.