Clog and step dancer from Annan, Dumfriesshire, originally from Crosthwaite, North Lancashire. Born 1898.

Son of Tommy Cannon, taught by him and assisted at his classes, however he also had lessons from Alf Robinson in 1910.

He recalled the following social dances:

Circassian Circle
Gypsy Gavotte
Heel and Toe Polka
La Va

And the following “fancy dances”:

Sailor’s Hornpipe
Skirt Dance
Sword Dance
Tambourine Dance

He also taught clog and step dancing and was able to provide information on Crow Walk, Shuffle Off, Double Shuffle Off, Single Shuffle, Double Shuffle, Heel and Toe, Aggworm Crawl, Treble Shuffle, Crunch.

Information derived an interview by Tom Flett with Theodore Cannon on  17/9/1962 and from correspondence between Norman Robinson and Tom Flett, dated  September 1962.