Clog dancer from Penrith, Cumberland. Born 1899, son of Fred Clifton senior who also danced.

He learnt initially from Joseph Robinson (Old Jos) and subsequently Alf Robinson. He attended classes at Ambleside which were from October to Easter and concluded with a ball. At balls everyone did some of the stepping.

He was able to provide  a description of a dancing costume.

He was able to teach the following steps:

Shuffle off, Double Shuffle Off, Single Shuffle, Treble Shuffle, Long Shuffle, Half Cut, Agworm Crawl, Heel and Toe, Wriggly twist, Running on the Toe, Crow Walk, Shuffle, High Kick and Long Crunch, Knock Toe and Heel, Pick the Shovel, Shuffle and Stamp.

Information derived from an interview by Tom Flett with Fred Clifton on  18/9/1962.