Clog dancer and entertainer from Fatfield, Co. Durham.  Father of Doris Hawkes.

Said to have been taught by Jack Burrell.  However his sister Bella Gougham told the IRT that he had learned from one of the Ellwoods, presumably Jimmy Ellwood.

Pupils included:

Molly Alexandra
Mary Colpits – 1915-1920s
Bella Findlay (later Gougham) 1920s
Jos Little – 1920s
Jenny Maddison – 1920s
Jenny Peebles
Heather Scott (formerly Cumson) – 1920s.

He taught several people at the same time, often getting them to hold onto the back of  a chair for stability.  He danced in three rhythms, waltz, hornpipe and one other.

He ran a concert party called “Billy Findlay’s Troupe” which performed at local village concerts. They clog danced on wooden mats, virtually on the spot.  Sometimes the tune Swanee River was used.

The information on this page is derived from and interview with an un-named informant on 8/11/1980,  an interview with Mary Colpits on  10/4/1981 (2nd set of notes here) and Bella Gougham on 10/4/1981.