Hunter reducedClog dancer and teacher from Barrington, Northumberland.  Brother of Norman Hunter and pupil of Dickie Farrell.

Pupils included:

Rip Dodds – in about 1920.
Betty Hunter – his daughter, the only one of his children to dance.
Herbert Turner – in 1935.
Tommy Makepeace – about 1920-1925.
Ivy Sands (nee Anderson) from 1925 to 1930.
Priscilla Spencer – about 1936.
Unknown girl from Ashington in about 1920.

He charged 1/- a lesson (now 5p) in the 1920s. Taught a Single Hornpipe, Double Hornpipe and competition steps all in hornpipe or schottische rhythm.  Also a Sailor’s Hornpipe in clogs.  Possibly made up material in addition to steps he had learned from Dickie Farrell.  He apparently also danced on a pedestal.

Our main information derives interviews with Sybil Dodds on 11/10/1980,  Rip Dodds on 12/10/1980 and Ivy Sands  on 18/10/1980 (and insofar as his steps were concerned on several subsequent occasions)