Clog and step dancers from Hawkshead.  Both taught by Joseph Robinson (Old Jos)  at Ambleside. Mr Coward (b. 1882) started in 1892 aged 10. They took classes for about three years.

Mrs Coward’s father, (1858-1931), was taught by Stainton Robinson. She claimed Stainton and her father were better dancers than Old Jos.

They learned the following dances:

Circassian Circle
Grand March
Haste to the Wedding
Heel and Toe Country Dance
Six Reel
Square Eight
Three Reel

They were able to provide descriptions for the Three Reel, Six Reel and Eight Reel, some details of the Sword Dance and some step material.

Fred Coward had earlier (1956) provided information on the shuffle off, crunch, treble shuffle, hagworm crawl, backwards step, Three Reel and Eight Reel.

Information derived from an interview by Tom Flett with Mr & Mrs Coward on  19/9/1962 and by Dan Howison in May 1956.

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