Professional clog dancer from, Moathill, Mayport, Cumberland, England.  A hairdresser by trade. Born about 1883.

Initially he learned from his father, however he had soon mastered the few steps his father knew and then went to Mr White in Whitehaven, later, at the age of 12,  travelling with him to Fleetwood, Lancashire to continue his lessons. Later, aged about 15, he took lessons for a month from Michael Hannaway in Coatdyke, near Motherwell, Scotland.

He also performed clog dancing in waltz rhythm, soft shoe and tap and was also an accomplished pedestal dancer in clogs. He also owned a dancing mat.

After this he worked the music halls all over the north of England, and occasionally Glasgow, for three years.  He considered himself the champion clog dancer of Cumberland, a title he obtained by the simple expedient of advertising that he would take on all-comers but no-one came forward!

He remembered Robinson Mitchel of Netherton and Parry Cowper as other (in his view inferior) dancers. He taught Madge Frankland to dance.

Information derived from and interview by Tom Flett with Robert Doran on 4 January 1960 and from an interview by the IRT with Madge Frankland on 17/5/1986,