Clog dancer from Amble, Northumberland.

Son of  clog dancer John Flanaghan and brother of Mark Flanaghan, Jim Flanaghan  and John Flanaghan all of whom also danced.  He had several other brothers and sisters some of whom may also have danced.  They were also custodians of the Amble sword dance.

Learned to dance from his father although he had never in fact danced in clogs.  It was clear that his father and brothers Mark and John were the main dancers.  He recalled them dancing as a trio all doing the same steps, although his father also danced on his own.

Perhaps because of the link to the local sword dance they danced to jigs as well as hornpipes.

He was able to show the IRT two steps and part of a third.

Information derived from an interview with Eddie Flanaghan 25/3/1981 and Jim Flanaghan also on 25/3/1981.