Clog dancer from Field Head. B. c.1914

Started dancing age 8, taught by James Howson. His brother Alex Edgar also danced.

Classes held at Flookburgh Village Hall, Hollow Club, Field Boughton and Grange-over-Sand concurrently. Adult class followed juvenile class. Howson’s wife or daughter played the piano. Classes taught by the quarter at the cost of 12/6. He also ran balls which Harold was able to describe.

Dances recalled were:

Garland Dance
Highland Fling
Jockey Dance
Nigger Dance
Sailor’s Hornpipe which he was able to teach.
Skipping Rope Dance
Hoop Dance
Skirt Dance
Tambourine Dance

He was able to teach the following clog steps::

Single Shuffle, Double shuffle, Sidestep, Knock-Toe-Heel, Swivelling Crunch, Short Sidestep, Hagworm Crawl, Crow Walk.

Information derived from interviews by Tom Flett with Harold Edgar on 15/9/1962 and by Norman Robinson, undated.

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