Born 1908.  Clog dancer.

First met by members of the IRT on 12/10/1980.  A pupil of Dickie Farrell he became one of the major sources of information on the latter’s dance steps.

Interviewed twice by IRT members on 18/10/1980 and 8/4/1981.

Kit had lessons from Dickie Farrell commencing in about 1918 or 1922 for which he paid 1/- (now 5p).  He stopped dancing in about 1935 to concentrate on music (he also played mandolin, banjo and guitar).  Lessons would take place in the scullery at Dickie’s house.  Eventually he became good enough to perform with Dickie and his daughter Lily Farrell.

He recalled a performance at the Hippodrome between Newbiggin and Stakeford, Northumberland.  He wore a white shirt, red bow tie, black breeches and white socks.  He stood between Dickie and Lily.  They all started together, then did a step each in turn.  They would do perhaps 10 steps in all.