Born 1927. Died 2008.

Pat first came into contact with folk dancing when Douglas Kennedy, director of the English Folk Dance and Song Society (EFDSS) in London, inquired through the national press about the existence of clog dancers. Pat read his plea, and was soon teaching clog dancing at the society’s London headquarters, Cecil Sharp House.  She had learned to dance from her mother, Sally Nutter and other family members, however unusually she also traced and learned from many older dancers in the Nelson and Colne areas of Lancashire.

Initially Pat confined her dancing and teaching to the heel and toe steps which were to become her trademark, however by the 1980s she was working up many of the other steps which she had collected.  In later years she found it helpful and artistically satisfying to dance and teach these in set routines which, although both demanding and of great chroeographic merit, probably do not represent the original style of performance of her informants.

Although her papers are presently unavailable, Pat was interviewed by the IRT on a number of occasions and a number of films of her dancing are available.  The sets of steps which have been collected from her are perhaps best dealt with in separate sections.

Lancashire Heel and Toe style
Lancashire Off the Toe Hornpipe style
Lancashire Jig
Lancashire “Irish” style
Sailors’ Hornpipe