Pickthall, Mrs

Clog dancer from Kendal. b. 1891. Daughter of  Stainton B. Robinson she attended his classes aged about  5-12 years. He died when she was 12. She and her sisters went all over to his classes. Sister Margaret Anne went to a teacher in Preston to learn the Spanish Castanet Dance and the Skirt Dance

She referred to him teaching:

Hoop Dance
Skirt Dance
Spanish Castanet Dance
Sword Dance

She was able to provide information on the following steps;

Treble Shuffle, Shuffle Off, Crunch, Hagworm Crawl, Swivelling Crunch, Single Shuffle, Double Shuffle, Kicking Step, Pick the Shovel, Shuffle and Stamp, Rolling, Forward Step, Back Treble, Sliding Back Treble.

Information derived from an interview by Tom Flett with Evelyn Pickthall on 19/9/1962.

R. C. Robinson

Alf Robinson

Norman Robinson




Flett, Tom, correspondence 1962