Clog, step and social dance teacher from Windermere, England. Born 1863, married Jane Smith 18th October 1883, died October 1902 (buried Finsthwaite 13 October 1902).

Part-time dancing master, an occupation which he combined with running “The Laurels” and “The Lakeside Hotel”, Windermere. Known to have taught at Lowick Bridge, and the Lakeside Hall, classes being held once a week for about 12 weeks followed by a finishing ball, often in fancy dress.  The first part from 7.30-9.30 was for the youngert children up to the ages of 12 or 13.  After that there was a ball for the older children without any exhibition dancing.Teaching in Flookburgh in 1893.  He probably balso taught in Rusland, Cartmel, Hawkshead, Haverthwaite, Grange-over-Sands, Ulverston, Spark Bridge, Broughton and Lindal. In addition to dances he also taught the etiquette of the ballroom.

First son of Joseph William Robinson, known as ‘Old Jos’.   Stainton Robinson (1863-1902) taught dancing as did brothers Joseph and Alf (Albert Threlfall Robinson) (1882-1959).  His son, Joseph Robinson (Young Jos), continued teaching after his father’s death.  As far as is known he only taught children at his classes.

In about 1892 he sent his daughter Margaret Anne went to a teacher in Preston, Louie Fuller, a well-known dancer, to learn the Spanish Castanet Dance and the Skirt Dance, which he later introduced at his classes.

His pupils are known to have included:

Diddy Dixon
Chris Parkinson
Evelyn Pickthall (Daughter)
Mrs T. Satterthwaite (nee Dugdale)
Grace Robinson
Roberta Robinson
Margaret Anne Stainton (Daughter d. about 1898)

He taught the following dances:

Barn Dance
Boston Two Step
Butterfly Dance
Circassian Circle
Dancing Through the HoopEight Hand Reel
Garland Dance
Heel and Toe Polka
Highland Fling
Highland Schottische
Hoop Dance
Irish Jig
Jockey Dance
Military Two Step
Napoleon’s Grand March
Nigger Dance
Polka Mazourka
Sailors’ Hornpipe
Sir Roger de Coverley
Six Reel
Spanish Castanet Dance
Skipping Rope Dance
Skirt Dance
Sword Dance
Tambourine Dance
Three Hand Reel
Waltz Cotillon

He also taught step and clog dancing.

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