Social couple dance known from oral tradition in the southern Lake District.

Known to have been taught by the following dancing masters:

Dizzy Bryden of Workington
Joseph William  Robinson (Old Jos)

Information derived from interviews by Tom Flett with Lucy Short on 3 January 1960 (interviewed with Clara Boyle and Mr and Mrs John Whittle on 4 January 1960



Akrigg, Mr & Mrs Jack

Baynes, Mr & Mrs William

Cowper, Roland

Gibson, Elizabeth

Halliwell, Mrs Belle

Hird, Mrs Florence

Holgate, Tom J.

Huddlestone, Mr & Mrs

Keith, Gertrude

Lynch, Mr & Mrs

Pedder, Jack

Ridding, Mrs S.E.

Robinson, Addie

Miss Lucy Short, White Platts, Ambleside, England, 3 January 1960

Thompson, Mrs H

Thwaite, Mr & Mrs

Wannop, Mr & Mrs

Whittle, Mr and Mrs John, Workington, Cumberland, England, 4 January 1960