Born 21.9.1869 at Minard,Argyll. Married Lois Marie MacLachlan.
Died 7.1.1965 at Edinburgh.

Donald G. MacLennan, Professor of Dancing, born at Minard Castle in 1869, where his father was estate manager, became a member of the Examining Committee of the Association of Operatic Dancing of Great Britain, and one of the examiners at the Royal Academy, London. His style expertly polished by Dame Adeline Genee and her uncle, the famous Danish maitre de ballet, Alexander Genee, he wrote Highland and Traditional Scottish Dances in 1950 (second edition 1952).

His first appearance in the Edinburgh P.O. Directories as a Teacher of Dancing is 1892-93 at 13 Jordan Lane, Edinburgh. The 1891 Census records him at 3 Marchmont Crescent (with his mother, two sisters, his brother William’s wife and her two children) as an Insurance Clerk.
Source: Statutory Registers, Census Returns ; Edinburgh P.O. Directories.

Tom Flett and D G MacLennan corresponded on various matters between 1952 and 1955. These letters can be found on this link.

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