The off the toe clog dance was regarded by Pat as a rather more formal style which had benn kept alive in Lancashire both by competitive and theatre performance.

Pat learned this material both from her mother, Sally Nutter, who could trace many steps back to Pat’s great uncle, a professional clog dancer and also from contacts with local dancers. Unfortunately at this stage it is not possible to unravel which step units came from which sources.

Pat created two of distinct routines for teaching and performance purposes of increasing difficulty although it is likely that these routines contained material from several different sources.

The IRT has yet to publish Pat’s material although much can be accessed via the manuscript and film links below.

The following film material is available:

1.  Pat performing a selection of her off the toe hornpipe steps in 1987.
2.  Pat dancing her No 1. routine for an instructional video in 1990-1991.
3.  Pat dancing her No 2. routine for an instructional video in 1990-1991.

Information derived from the films listed above and an interview with Pat on 6/6/1981.