Dancing master from Westmorland who taught at Flooburgh Village Hall, Hollow Club, Field Boughton and Grange-over-Sands concurrently.  Adult classes followed juvenile classes. His wife or daughter played the piano. Classes taught by the quarter at the cost of 12/6. He appears to have operated around  the early 1920s.

He also ran balls. At these events more experienced pupils performed step dances as a solo, the less experienced in groups of up to seven or eight.

Dances taught included:

Garland Dance
Highland Fling
Jockey Dance
Nigger Dance
Sailor’s Hornpipe which he was able to teach.
Skipping Rope/Hoop Dance
Skirt Dance
Tambourine Dance

He was able to teach the following clog steps::

Single Shuffle, Double shuffle, Sidestep, Knock-Toe-Heel, Swivelling Crunch, Short Sidestep, Hagworm Crawl, Crow Walk.

Information derived from interviews by Tom Flett with Harold Edgar on 15/9/1962.


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