Skirt Dance

Solo character or speciality dance known from oral tradition in the southern Lake District where it was usually taught to children. The dance was invented, or at any rate developed into it’s modern form by the American professional dancer Loie Fuller.  Stainton Robinson sent his daughter Margaret Anne Robinson to her to learn the dance in the 1890s and it is perhaps through that contact that the dance became popular in the area.

Known to have been taught by the following dancing masters:

Tommy Cannon of Crosthwaite
James Howson operating in Flookborough
Alfred Threlfall Robinson
Joseph William  Robinson (Old Jos)
Stainton Robinson

Information derived from interviews by Tom Flett with Lucy Short on 3 January 1960 (interviewed with Clara Boyle), Dorothy Chaplow (undated), Mrs C. Riley (undated), Harold Edgar on 15/9/1962 and with Theodore Cannon on  17/9/1962



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