Dancing master from Penny Bridge, Greenodd. Born 1833, died 1888. Not apparently related to Old Jos Robinson’s family.

It seems for most of his life he may have other, perhaps part-time occupations, but always gave his profession as “Professor of Dancing”.  Known to have operated in the Millom and Barrow areas, he also held classes in Ulverston and Haverthwaite in 1867, Urswick and Leece in 1868, and Ulverston in 1878. The classes ran every week for about three months, ending with a finishing ball at which performances were given.

He is known to have taught the following dances:

Garland Dance
Highland Dance
Highland Fling
Highland Four Reel
Horse to Newmarket
Holly Berry
Hoop Dance
English Reel
La Tompeet
New Polka
Polka, Rose of the Valley
Polka Mazourka
Sailors’ Hornpipe
Scotch Lilt
La Varsovienne

He also taught step dancing.

His pupils included:

E. Robinson.

Information derived from an interview by Tom Flett with Addie Robinson on the  28 August 1962 (plus original notes of the same date), Roberta Robinson on 27 August 1962 (and original notes of the same date) and from correspondence between Tom Flett and Mrs Belle Halliwell in February 1962. See also Soulby’s Ulverston Advertiser 3/1/1867, 10/1/1867, 21/5/1868, 3/9/1868 and 11/10/1878.