Clog dancer from Seaton, Cumbria. Learned initially from Dizzy Bryden. when aged 8-14 in his studio in Workington. He only taught private pupils – no classes. He taught no clog-dancing.

Solo dances learnt were:

Highland Fling
Irish Jig
Sword Dance
Shaun Trews
Step-Dancing Hornpipe
Sailor’s Hornpipe

Ballroom dances were:

Circassian Circle
Square Eight

Mr Wright initially learnt clog-dancing from his mother. Then learnt clog-dancing from Mr Kinsella of Whitehaven and Mr J Moar from Clifton. Mr Wright was a singer and worked, when about 20, with Oliver Cowper who taught in various towns and villages in the area. At the time dancing to popular songs was current. Mr Wright and his sister had been music hall singers and had toured Scotland and Cumberland when teenagers. Used to do a dance turn with his brother in picture houses between films.

Mr Wright trained a team of Carnival dancers for 40 years.  Probably the Mr Wright referred to in the West Cumberland News of 12 July 1958 as running dance classes.

In the old days at dances the men would shuffle off in figures where it would fit. However, this died out.

He was able to teach his finish and another popular finish. He recalled a Westmoorland Break, Fife Break, Lancers Break

Mr Moar, Mr Kinsella and Mr Bryden all used terms such as Treble, Back Treble, Double Shuffle, Crunch, Back Catch, Back Treble

Information derived from an interview by Tom Flett with Mr and Mrs Whittle on 4 January 1960 and with William Wright on 17/9/1962 and an interview by the IRT with Robbie Harrison on 5/2/1983