Dancer and musician from Oughtershaw, Langstrothdale. Born c. 1881.

Brought up in Yockenthwaite the son of a fiddler.  He and his brother Jack Beresford (died 1960) played for many local dances in the area. Peter was also a keen dancer although he nad never been to classes.

The following dances were done in the district when he was young and for which he was able to provide full or partial notations:

In addition the following were recalled as being danced:

Mr Beresford was also an excellent step dancer and had won prizes in pub competitions.  He was able to provide at least some information as to how this was done.  He was also a member of the local Pace Egging troupe.

Information derived from an interview by Tom Flett with Peter Beresford, on 4-5 April 1960 and Peter Beresford George Turnbull on 7 April 1960.