Jimmy EllwoodFather of Johnson Ellwood.

Competed in the Northumberland and Durham Championship held in Stanley in 1935, apparently being placed 6th.  Prior to the competition he prepared lists of the dancers entering with his views on their chances of success.  He was obviously something of a self-publicist and a report of his competition entry appeared in the local press before the event.

Jimmy listed his pupils as including the following, although it is likely that many of these were dancers to whom he taught occasional steps rather than individuals who learned all their dancing from him:

Sammy Bell
Angus Catanach
Johnny Doyle
R. Dunstall
Johnson Ellwood – son of Jimmy
Thomas Ellwood – son of Jimmy
Jacky Graham
Charlie Haines
Harry Hughes
Tommy Keirs
Jokker Richardson
Harry Robinson
Bobby Surtees – brother of John Surtees and Joss Surtees
Joss Surtees – brother of John Surtees and Bobby Surtees

Information on this page derives from an interview with John Surtees on 14/9/1980, reports in the Stanley News for 24/5/1935 and  21/6/1935 and an MSS list of pupils and an MSS list of competing dancers, both in Jimmy Ellwood’s handwriting, shown to the IRT by Angus Catanach.