Clog dancer from Flimby, Cumbria.  Born c.1919 died 1984.

He recalled that his father (name unknown) could also clog dance but sent Robbie to live with his uncle,  Jack Harrison,  who although originally from Cumberland had left the area to live at Shiremoor near Newcastle.  Robbie stayed with him for about a year and learned three routines:

Ragtime (perhaps to British Grenadiers)

He performed with his uncle and also as a duet with his uncle’s daughter Elise Willis.  He carried on performing (presumably after he was back in Cumberland) util he was about 17. He wore a silk shirt and breeches.

He recalled two other dancers from the area, Will Wright who organised dancing classes in the villages around Whitehaven and a man named Barton, also from Whitehaven.

Unfortunately he was not able to dance for the IRT but put the team in touch with his cousin Elsie Willis who was able to provide full details of her father’s repertoire.

Information derived from interviews with Robbie Harrison on 5/2/1983.