Dancer and musician (pianist) from Oughtershaw, Langstrothdale.  Born c. 1881.

Born out of the dale but moved there at an early age.

He learned to dance informally from a local farmer, Bill Lambert.

He recalled the following dances as done in his youth for which he was able to provide full or partial notations:

Buttered Peas
Four Reel
Huntsman’s Chorus
Kendal Ghyll
Pop Goes the Weasel
Six Reel
Square Eight
Three Reel

Additionally he was able to recall the following as being done:

Bonnets so Blue
Irish Washerwoman

He also recalled seeing step dancing and the Kibby Dance but had never learned them.

Information derived from an interview by Tom Flett with George Turnbull on 5 April 1960 and Peter Beresford George Turnbull on 7 April 1960.