The source of these steps is not known, although they may have been learned by Pat from her mother or other family members.

The sailor’s hornpipe became a popular stage dance in the 18th century and forms in different styles proliferated throughout the vernacular dance world from Cornwall to Scotland.  When used as a stage dance the performer would dress in the traditional “Jack Tar” costume of the period, however on less formal occasions at gatherings or in public houses the hand movements would have indicated to the audience that the dance was indeed a Sailors’ Hornpipe.

The IRT has yet to publish Pat’s material although much can be accessed via the manuscript and film links below.

The following film material is available:

  1. Pat performing her Sailors’ Hornpipe in 1982.
  2. Pat performing her Sailor’s Hornpipe with Camden Clog at the Reading Day of Dance on 23rd October 1993.