Held in the Palace Theatre, Durham in September 1936, the final taking place on Friday 11th September.  The judges were Dickie Farrell, Harry Robinson and George Mackintosh.

Results were:
1st Place – Joe Da(i)ley
nd Place – Warren Doyle
3rd Place – Priscilla Spencer
4th Place – Jack Astor
5th Place – Ivy Sands – as Ivy Anderson

Also competing were Jimmy Ellwood and  Herbert Turner.  Ivy beat the latter in the first round.

Information derived from an interview with Ivy Sands on 18/10/1980 and 19/1/1981 although the actual date of the competition was given by her as 1935 and Peter Dailey on 10/2/1981 and the Durham Chronicle for 18/9/1936.