Dancers from Dentdale.  Mr Akrigg born 1884, Mrs Akrigg 1889.

Mr Akrigg was born in Ribblehead and had been a very keen dancer in his youth and, partly because he was a pony and trap driver who was often employed in taking people to dances, he had danced over quite a wide area.  Mrs Akrigg came from Dentdale and was also a keen dancer.

Mr Akrigg had attended dancing classes in Bleamoor, Ribblehead in about 1895.  These were run by Billy Urquhart who at the time was working on the Ribble Head viaduct as a mason.  He lived in Skipton and did not charge for the classes for which he played on the fiddle.  He taught the following dances:

In addition to the above, Mr and Mrs Akrigg recalled the following at the dances they attended:

They had heard of Kendal Ghyll but had never danced it.

They were able to provide full or partial notations for the following including the steps used:

Mr Akrigg was also able to demonstrate the Broom Dance.

Information derived from interviews by Tom Flett with Mr and Mrs Jack Akrigg, 1 April 1960 and 4 April 1960.