Step and social dancer from Chideock, Dorset.  Born 1880 as Gertrude Tuck in Symondsbury, Dorset.  Her father Jacob Tuck (b. 1856 in Symondsbury) was 1 of 13 children.  Her younger brother was Alfie Tuck (b. 1890)

Gertrude and Alfie taught to dance at home by their grandfather.  Her paternal grandfather was Thomas Tuck b. 1834 in Symondsbury.  Maternal grandfather not known.  Dances were held at their house every Saturday evening when they danced the four hand reel, polka, schottische, waltz.

She was able to provide a notation for the four hand reel.  No steps were taught. Each person had their own.  She was able to teach her step,

She also described dancing at Harvest Suppers: polka, schottische, waltz, four hand reel.(no quadrilles or three hand reels)

Description of tambourine and how to play it.

Worked at the rectory where they danced: quadrilles, Lancers, Valeta, Marching Lancers, long-ways sets, Up the Sides and Down the Middle.

No memory of stepping or stepping competitions.

Information derived from an interview by T.M.Flett and J.F. Flett with Gertrude Burton. undated, and a 2nd interview with her, also undated and relevant census records.