Clog dancer from Crosthwaite, Westmorland, nee Harrison.  She was a pupil of Tommy Cannon and was one of his star pupils.  She had, in her younger days, been partly brought up by Tommy and his wife and played the piano in a small band they had.

She was able to teach a large number of clog steps, among which were a set of six described as her “Exhibition Hornpipe”, which contain choreographic content rather different from any other local style.  They have been published in C. Metherell, Diddy Dixon. Exhibition Clog Dance, Newcastle: Newcastle Series, (1996). 2nd Edn, (nd).

She was also able to teach Tommy Cannon’s sword dance and one of the steps from the Jockey Dance.

Further steps, which remain unpublished, were collected in 1956 – shuffle off, single shuffle, heel and toe, double shuffle, treble shuffle, side step, shuffle and crunch.

Information derived from interviews by T.M. Flett  with Diddy Dixon on 13/9/196220/9/1962 and 25/9/1962 and with Dan Howison in June 1956.

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