Clog dancer (Mrs Satterthwaite nee Dugdale) and melodeon player (Mr Satterthwaite) of Nibthwaite, North Lancashire.

They had a programme for the Grand Juvenile Ball by Professor Stainton Robinson in 1892.

Mrs Satterthwaite was a pupil of Stainton Robinson as a child in Lowick Bridge, Cumbria. They learnt social dances such as Lancers, but also step and clog dances. She gave some information on how the classes were organised.

Mr Satterthwaite played melodeon at the local ‘sixpenny hop’ and other occasions at various venues. They were led by Tommy Hewitson.  Mr Satterthwaite was able to recall the names of the dances Tommy Hewitson taught.

Information derived from an interview by Tom Flett and correspondence with Mr and Mrs Satterthwaite dated 26 & 29/8/1962 (plus original notes of same date).