Step, and perhaps also clog, dancer from Staveley, Westmorland, England.  Born 1900.

Mrs Storey attended classes held by Tommy Cannon, a part-time dance teacher at that time teaching at the Punchbowl Inn, Crosthwaite, where he was the landlord.  She attended the classes from about 1910 to 1913.

The social dances taught included:

Barn Dance
Sir Roger de Coverley
Six Hand Reel
Three Hand Reel
Waltz Cotillion

He also taught the following exhibition dances which were only for children:

Garland Dance
Highland Fling
Highland Schottische
National Dance (for girls)

He also taught step dancing.

Mrs Storey was able to provide notations for Three Hand Reel and the following steps – shuffle off, hagworm crawl, double shuffle, treble shuffle, advanced treble shuffle, single crunch, double crunch

Information derived from an interview by Tom Flett with Mrs Storey on 6 January 1960.