Clog dancer from Blackburn, Lancashire. Daughter of Lancashire Champion Bob Vause.

Interviewed by Julian Pilling in 1959. Learned to dance from Jackie Smith of Blackburn who was the champion Lancashire Heel and Toe and Pedestal dancer.

She and her father danced to a metronome rather than to music , except at exhibitions when they danced unaccompanied. Her clogs were of red leather and had pennies in the heels.

One of her steps, in the toe and heel style, has been published and is available in Newcastle Notation here.

Julian Pilling was filmed by Roy Dommett on Sunday 6th September 1964 at the Durham Ring Meeting, run by the Morris Ring. The dance was filmed without music, but serves to resolve many of the issues with the published notations. The first step on the clip comes from Mrs C. Goodwin, the next three from Upton Hobson and the final two from an unknown source.

Information from Pilling, J., “The Lancashire Clog Dance”, Folk Music Journal, 1.3, 158-179.