The Instep Research Team (IRT) has a bursary fund to support UK-based projects relating to the objects of IRT.

“To promote, maintain, improve, develop and advance public education by the encouragement of the arts of clog and step dancing through research and by the holding of workshops, conferences, events and demonstrations to encourage people to participate in the said arts.”

We welcome ideas for bursary projects at any time which can be sent to for informal feedback.

The next round of bursary applications will be considered in 2023. Bursary awards usually range between £50 to £3,000.

IRT Bursary Awards 2021

In 2021 the InstepRT assessment panel approved bursary funding for four projects:

An Archive for Pat Tracey

The collection and collation of the biographical details and steps of Pat Tracey, and then notation of her steps in Newcastle Notation, to be published on the Instep website. (Chris Metherell, Alex Fisher & Nickie Dailey, £3,000)

Footwork Live!

The development of a live show using stepdance tunes written by Lewis Wood, and to involve live stepdancing and spoken interludes. The show will be piloted in 2022 through the support from Instep, and aims towards a full tour in 2023. (Lewis Wood, £3,000)

Folklincs: Clog

The Instep bursary will support the teaching of clog step dance to primary-aged children in Lincolnshire, and enable the replacement of old dance boards and the purchase of some new clogs suitable for school children. (Carol Dawson, £3,000)

Stepping and Signing

This Lancashire-based project will develop a piece of dance and music with professional artists that uses step dance as well as sign and percussive music. This will be presented to schools, festivals and stakeholders with the aim of getting them to programme the piece and have it taught to children as a piece of large-scale dance, accessible to both hearing and deaf participants. (Sophie Crawford, £3,000)

IRT Bursary Awards 2019

In 2019, the InstepRT assessment panel approved bursary funding for four projects:

Glossop Clog project

This project aimed to provide a combination of research, performance and education, including an interest in searching for any information about local clog traditions. It is ongoing, with the first section culminating in a video showing the development of steps danced to 3/2 hornpipes. (Grace Smith, £3,000)

Stepping into the Future

This bursary was to support the continuation and development of Stepdance Day in East Anglia which was conceived as an outreach community event. Unfortunately, like so many others, this was hit by Covid and the first tranche was delivered as a video project. (East Anglian Traditional Music Trust, £3,000 over three years).

ClogNet Cumbria

The grant enabled Alex Fisher, a clog step dancer and teacher, together with two members of the Furness Clog dance group, Jane Nottingham and Tina Boyle, to deliver a module of clog step dance to two junior schools in South Cumbria to enable teachers to teach clog dance as a curricular subject”. (Furness Clog, £2,500)

‘Stepping On’ Conference

The bursary was towards two aspects of the ‘Stepping On’ conference, held in London in November 2019. Firstly, the editing and publication of the conference papers so that the outcomes were able to be recorded and made available to a wide readership. The proceedings are due to be published in 2022. Secondly, to contribute towards expenses for key performers for the innovative evening event. (Stepping On, £1,000)