Scottish dance teacher.  He was the fourth generation dance teacher in his family

He was born c 1852 and taught in Edinburgh, Inverness, Forres, Elgin and Wick. Played violin. Died 1906. His father was also a George Lowe (1823-1883), who married a cousin, Ann Lowe.  His sister also Ann Lowe (later Knight) was also a dancer and his cousin, Robert Lowe, danced in Dundee.

His grandfather, Joseph Lowe, was the author of 6 collections of reels and strathspeys. and taught the royal family to dance from 1952-1860.

George taught at least the following dances:

Highland Fling
Sword Dance
Scotch Lilt
Seann Triubhas
School Dance

His daughter, Eva Lowe was able to provide a notation for The School Dance as taught by her father.

Information derived from an interview by T.M. Flett with Miss Eva Lowe, undated and Thomas, A. (ed), A New Most Excellent Dancing Master, New York: Pendragon Press, (1992),  Thomas, A. “The Lowe Family”. Stout Centre Review, (1992), p.5-7, and relevant census returns.