Q: What is a Flett Frenzy?

A: Several Instep members get together to put more of the archive material we have onto the website. A lot of it is from Tom and Joan Flett.

Q: Wasn’t that finished last time?

A: The English material was, but there is a lot of Scottish material. We are focussing at the moment on the solo dances.

Q: Is it frenzied then?

A: Well, we are all busy most of the time and our poor little internet connection was running as fast as it can!

Q: Is that as dull as it sounds?

A: Some tasks are repetitive, but mostly you are reading information about dances and dancers and making connections between them. And then we have some good discussions eg. on the County Roll, sexualisation of young dancers, Brexit, what’s for tea and whether we would like red or white wine.

Q: So who was there?

A: This time we had Mats Melin, Alex Fisher and Chris and Hazel Metherell

Q: What new stuff is on the site?

A: Have a look! More on the Scottish solo dances, and Hazel was putting the clips from the Reading Festivals 1994-2002 up. Lots of familiar, if a bit younger, faces!

Flett Frenzy Part 2