Another year, another AGM?

Well…inevitably on Zoom this time!

While we all missed getting together, dancing and playing music, it was as good as we could do in the
circumstances. We could welcome member Heather Clarke from Australia to join in, and did not have to
drive distances in the snow!

We had detailed discussions about the technology needed to develop our website, which left some heads
spinning. We considered various recommendations about improving the running and mentoring bursary
projects. We have now got two sub-groups with relevant expertise to concentrate on these areas. Watch
this webspace to see any developments!

Chris Metherell has been tracing clog dancers from old newspapers ( now that many more local papers’
archives are on the internet) to show the growth in the style’s popularity and the change in it’s context.
This was assembled into a presentation which was eye-opening to say the least! We hope to have the
recording of this on the website later in the year.

It looks like a busy year ahead. Let’s hope dancing will be a bigger part of it!

Instep Annual General meeting