Researching and developing clog and step dance 

Registered Charity Number 1178704

Treasurer’s Report 2020

The financial statement is presented in two parts; December 2019 – September 2020 and November 2020 – December 2020. This is due to our decision last AGM to alter our financial year to match the calendar year. This change could only be affected in two stages. Julie will be able to complete the process in the near future.

The finances are in a healthy state. With increased membership our income has increased. Thanks to all members who have paid their subscription and to Kerry for encouraging us all so to do. Our outgoings have remained similar to previous years covering EFDSS membership and cost relating to the website. There is a charge for using PayPal which is reflected in the income under the Subs heading.

Donated Funds have been boosted by two further donations from our benefactor and a refund from Gift Aid, with another refund applied for. We have two outstanding commitments from Donated Funds. We are holding £839.44 for Alex Fisher’s Clognet project and £1000 for East Anglian Traditional Music Trust.

That leaves around £14,500 in Donated Funds. 


  • Agree a financial plan for the allocation of funds as these have been donated for use.
  • Up date the Instep Research Team Projects spread sheet – Instep Research Team Projects – Google Sheets adding a fund allocation.
  • Agree a future bursary allocation.
  • Add a list of active projects to the website with cost and request for donations towards the cost.
  • Look for opportunities to bid for funds to support projects or look for matched funding.
Treasurer’s Report 2020