Clog dancer. Born 1895 she lived in Burton-in-Kendal

Attended classes with “Old Jos” Robinson at Milnthorpe 1901 – 1903

Old Jos was assisted by his son who took on the classes after Old Jos had died. He taught adults ballroom dancing after the children’s step-dance class.

Dorothy moved in her teens to Underbarrow where monthly dances were held at the Institute.

Dances remembered were: step-dancing in hard shoes, skirt dance, hoop dance, tambourine dance, three hand reel, garland dance, Highland Fling, Horse to Newmarketwaltz, polka, two-step, schottische, Lancers, quadrilles, cottagers.

Steps remembered: single, double and treble shuffle, shuffle-off, crunch, single crunch, double crunch, shuffle and stamp, double treble, heel and toe, rolling step, pick the shuffle (+ one other)

Information on this page derives from an undated interview by Tom Flett with Dorothy Chaplow and a copy letter dated 10/2/1962.

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