Spanish Dance

Demonstration dance known from oral tradition in Cumbria.

Known to have been taught by the following dancing masters:

Mr Garnett, operating in Wicham in 1825.

Information derived from correspondence between Miss L.A.  Maddern and Tom Flett and an interview, August 1962


Cowper, Misses Elsie & Beatrice, Acomb, York, England, 28 March 1960

Maddern, Miss L. A. Barrow-in-Furness, correspondence and Ball programme,August 1962

Birbeck, Mrs

Cowper, Arthur

Cowper, Beatrice

Cowper, Elsie

Cowper, Roland

Fisher, Mr & Mrs

Halliday, Mrs B

Halliwell, Mrs Belle

Hird, Mrs Florence

Lynch, Mr & Mrs

Miss Harding

Ridding, Mrs S.E.

Tully, Mr & Mrs William