Dancer from Cartmel, Lancashire.  Born c. 1879.

She was able to recall the Greensleeves dance as it had been performed by her brothers and provided a good notation.

Additionally she had attended three sets of dancing classes.  The first was from Joseph Robinson (Old Jos) in about 1889.  She then went to Tommy Teasdale perhaps in 1890 and finally to Stainton Robinson in about 1902.  She was not really able to recall who taught what, however she remembered the following:

She was able to provide  a partial notation for the Plaidie Dance.

She also learned step dancing : treble shuffle, double shuffle, single shuffle, Hagworm crawl, rocking step, half cut, heel and toe

Information derived from an interview by Tom Flett with Mrs S.E. Ridding in August 1961 and his original notes from the same occasion.