Solo Scottish step dance

Known to have been taught by the following dancing masters:-

Notations were provided by:- 
Mr Buie, Dance description   
Christina Cumming – Dance description 
Sandy Gillies – Dance description 7/7/1956.
Alex MacIntosh
, Dance description 8/7/1956.
Peter Mackay,
John MacLean
Dance description 8/7/1956.
Notation derived from an interview by Tom Flett with E.B. McNicoll 19/3/1954.
Thomas Shanks

Information derived from an interview by T.M. Flett with Miss Eva Lowe, undated and Thomas, A. (ed), A New Most Excellent Dancing Master, New York: Pendragon Press, (1992).

All other information derived from interviews by Tom Flett &/or Frank Rhodes with:-