A Scottish solo dance from South Uist, originally taught by Ewan acLachlan in the mid-nineteenth century

Known to have been taught by the following dancing masters:

John MacMillan  of South Uist
Archie MacPherson of South Uist

The steps were collected from:

Cissie MacDonald – seven steps – from Tom Flett ‘s notes September 1954 marked “Miss Forbes Cissie MacD” and a collated version of the same date.
Annie MacDonald – brief information on one step derived from an interview by Frank Rhodes with her on 8/7/1956.

Background information on can be found an interview by Tom Flett with Peter MacKay on 12/4/953.

A full description is published in Flett, J.F. & T.M., Traditional Step Dancing in Scotland, Edinburgh: Scottish Cultural Press. 1996, 86-90.