Solo step dance recorded from oral tradition from South Uist, originally taught by Ewan MacLachlan in the mid-nineteenth century

Known to have been taught by the following dancing masters:

Donald (Roidein) MacDonald – of South Uist
John MacLeod – of Eochar, South Uist.
John MacMillan  of South Uist
Archie MacPherson – of South Uist

The there are two main versions of the dance.  The first was obtained from
John MacLeod who had learned the dance from Archie MacPherson and was able to demonstrate 5 steps – see from an interview by Tom Flett with John MacLeod on 12/4/1953 and a notation by Tom Flett marked “Last Visit” (together withwhat appears to be a draft of the same).

The second comes from pupils of Donald (Roidein) MacDonald:

Donald Walker  – 5 steps – see an interview by Frank Rhodes with Donald Walker on 7/7/1956.
Harriet MacDonald and her mother – six steps – a version of the dance from interviews by Frank Rhodes in April 1954.
Cissie MacDonald – just a mention – from Tom Flett ‘s notes September 1954 marked “Cissie MacD”.

Information also derived from interviews by Tom Flett with Peter MacKay on 12/4/953 by Frank Rhodes with Annie MacDonald on 8/7/1956.

Descriptions of both versions are published in Flett, J.F. & T.M., Traditional Step Dancing in Scotland, Edinburgh: Scottish Cultural Press. 1996, 66-71.