The Reading Step and Traditional Dance Group held day of clog and music workshops in 1979.  In 1980 this was renamed as the Clog and Step Dance Festival

The 17th Clog and Step Dance Festival was held on 21st October 1995,  at Altwood School, Maidenhead.

In addition to the film clips below a copy of the programme is available.

Details of the Performers Showcase follow the Workshop film clips.

Workshop Showcase

Northumberland and Durham Clog Hornpipe with Lesley Gowers
Quickstep Routine with Alex Woodcock and Kay Nightingale
Lakeland Clog with John Walford
Sam Sherry‘s Exhibition Clog Hornpipe with Peter Clifton
Lakeland Clog with Ian Dunmur
Cape Breton Step Dancing with Jo and Simon Harmer
Northumberland and Durham Championship Clog Hornpipe with Lynette Eldon
Welsh Clog Broom Dance with Trevor Monson
Marley Military Drum Roll with Kari Smith
Lancashire Mixed Rhythm Clog Routine with Pat Tracey
Marley Family Buck and Wing Clog with Tony Barrand
Appalachian Step and Mountain Dancing with Jay and Geoff Cubitt

Performers Showcase

Marley Buck and Wing by The New Dancing Marleys
Advanced Clog Waltz by Alex Woodcock
Marley Soft Shoe by The New Dancing Marleys
Lakeland Clog by Ian Dunmur
Marley Clog Waltz by The New Dancing Marleys
Marley Pedestal Clog by The New Dancing Marleys
Competition Hornpipe by Harry Cowgill
Marley Military Drum Roll by The New Dancing Marleys
Northumberland and Durham Clog by Lynette Eldon
Marley Staircase Dance and Tambourine Overture by The New Dancing Marleys
Lancashire & Cheshire Championship Hornpipe by Jennifer Hill
Marley Jump Rope Waltz Clog by the New Dancing Marleys
Music Hall Dances by Pat Tracey and Camden Clog
Marley Irish Jig by The New Dancing Marleys