The Reading Step and Traditional Dance Group held day of clog and music workshops in 1979.  In 1980 this was renamed as the Clog and Step Dance Festival

The 19th Clog and Step Dance Festival was held on 25th October 1997,  at Altwood School, Maidenhead.

Details of the Performers Showcase follow the Workshop film clips. In addition to the clips, a programme is available.

Workshop Showcase

Bill Gibbons’ Irish Jig with Madeleine Smith
Old Lancashire Heel and Toe Steps with John Walford
Northumberland and Durham Clog Hornpipe with Peter Brown
Baccapipes and other jigs with Jack Brown
Veronica Ryan’s Dutch Dance with Theresa Hindle and Deborah Riley
Miss Gayton‘s Hornpipe with Lesley Gowers
Elsie Brooks‘ Schottische Steps with Ednie Wilson
Cape Breton Reel and Strathspey Steps with Jo Harmer
Ivy Sands‘ Exhibition Steps with Chris and Alice Metherell
Appalachian Flatfooting with Ira Bernstein

Performers Showcase

Military Routine by Ossy Cloggers
Broom Dance by Shuttler’s Clog
17 Lakeland Steps by Ian Dunmur
South African Boot Dance by Ira Bernstein
Cape Breton Stepping by Jo Harmer and Nina Barrel
Mixed Rhythm Routine by Padiham Panache
Quebecois Routhines by Ira Bernstein
Slip-Jig Steps by Ednie Wilson
Northumberland and Durham Clog Hornpipe by Ira Bernstein
Old Lancashire Heel and Toe Dance by Pat Tracey
Percussive Stepping by Ira Berstein